Town Clerk

Edward Dean, Interim Town Manager
[email protected]

Edward Dean, Interim Town Manager has been designated as the Records Management Liason Officer (RMLO) for the Town of Greenville, Florida. Please submit all Public Records Requests to her. 

The Town Clerk shall give notice of all Town meetings to the members of the Town Council and the public as required by law. The Town Clerk shall attend such meetings in person, or by designee, and shall keep minutes of the proceedings. The Town Clerk shall authenticate by signature and be custodian of this Charter, all ordinances, resolutions, and other Town documents and shall perform such other duties as require by law or by the Town Council. The Town Clerk shall be the supervisor of elections for the Town of Greenville, Florida. The Town Clerk when necessary shall appoint, suspend, demote, or dismiss any employee in the Office of the Town Clerk in accordance with law and the personnel rules of the Town of Greenville. The Town Clerk shall prepare annual budgets for the operation of the Office of the Town Clerk and the Town Council and shall submit these budgets to the Town Manager of the Town of Greenville, Florida, for inclusion in the annual Town budget in accordance with uniform Town procedures.

2019-2020 Final Budget Summary
2019-2020 Tentative Budget Summary

2018 2019 Tentative Budget Summary

Final Adopted Budget – 10-01-17
First Amended Budget 2018-2019
Second Amended Budget 2018-2019